A school offering a pleasant and modern environment, a tailor-made teaching program to train the leaders of tomorrow


Program Pioneers' Academy

General school education


Religious, civic and moral education

Physical education activities

Initiation to entrepreneurship

Initiation to programming​


Our main goal is to bring changes to several aspects of the Senegalese education system while strictly abiding to its national program.  This will require discipline, rigor and hard work to tend towards excellence. We will add cardinal values of our society based on the seriousness, civility and patriotism which are beginning to be scarce commodities. Professionally, we will help our students, in addition to learning the English language and information technology at an early age, to acquire interpersonal skills that will be useful in their adult lives. For those who may have difficulties academically, will provide them will vocations training to allow them to become entrepreneur. To be honest, we will work to train good citizens of tomorrow, open to the world but well rooted in their culture for the great benefit of the Senegalese people

For your child's success, PIONEERS' ACADEMY on the key success factors:

A study framework​

An adapted and innovative pedagogy

A team of qualified and experienced specialists

English practice for fluency


Games as a means of acquiring knowledge

A Culture of Autonomy in Children

A study and practice of morality and citizenship

Rooted in African values and openness to the world


Islamic Education (Quran Fiqh, Hadith, Akheedah, Tawheed,)

The targeted grades are


Elementary school

Middle school

Secondary school

High school

Admission procedures/requirements

Parents of students are invited to come to the administration office to complete the application packet

** The medical information sheet has to be completed carefully because it is important to us during the school year.
Any change or additional information should be communicated to the school and filled in the information/communication booklet in the student’s book bag i.e. (change of number phone, new person coming to pick up the child from school …)

Give the Kids an edge

We offer a unique opportunity for students to acquire the efficient and effective techniques used in developed countries such as the United States to instill in them a spirit of initiative, sustainable and growing productivity, business creation and jobs at through the program « Mënel sa bopp »