Our institute

Who we are?

At the American Institute for English Language and Entrepreneurship we understand your immediate language needs and we will help you start your pathway to improve your English skills for your professional, academic, or personal needs.

First, a thorough test (written and oral) will be conducted to determine students’ academic ability and English level before placing them in a class. Based on the results, a qualified faculty will be assigned to facilitate the different classroom activities along with our e-learning platform.

Our two main focuses are:
  - English Language acquisition
  - Entrepreneurship (start, grow, or maintain a business)


Staff members

Our staff is very restricted and they are very professional.


We have trained more than 100 students professionals and high school students.


We have two main programmes: Entrepreneurship and English. But the content of each is designed into modules according to your level and your purpose.

Years of existence

We have been working since three years and our results are concrete.

How we got started ?

The American Institute for English Language and Entrepreneurship was created in December 2016. It is in Carrière, Thies, Senegal. The founder of the Institute spent thirty (30) years in America particularly in Ohio where she worked with the State of Ohio under the Department of Development. She returned in her home country to be closer to her aging parents. While still in the United States, she was already planning to work with women and girls in helping them improve their lives and addressing some of their financial needs while staying closer to home to care for the family. At first, she decided to work with private colleges with an entrepreneurship programs to bring awareness to target of the importance of being self-employed. But it became obvious that the future entrepreneurs and leaders needed serious skills in English. There were no structure English training centers in the city she lives (Thies) and she decides to open the Institute to provide English courses as well as entrepreneurship training.

Many attempts have been made to create social programs to train youth from different neighborhoods in personal development, leadership, and entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is commonly used by many people but they do not all really understand what "entrepreneurship" actually means. We are committed to bring awareness on concept and what it entails while working hard in growing the English training portion of the Institute. We strongly believe that our institute can help population better understand what it means to be a business owner and how to run a successful business. We believe English and business go hand in hand since English is the "Business Language" spoken around the world.